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​​ "I wasn’t just holding space now; I was witnessing the natural unwinding and emergence of a miraculous, intelligent, and intuitive organism."​​

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When I was a little girl, my mom always told me that I was born to "help people". It felt true to me then, and it felt even more real to me into my young adulthood. It was...natural. I spent several years after college working as a rape crisis coordinator, and then graduated with my Masters in Social Work in 2005. I immediately began working towards becoming a trauma therapist, and specialized in sexual assault and domestic violence. I quickly realized that my skill was not necessarily in helping, but more so in holding a strong, safe container for profound healing to occur spontaneously. 

This revelation excited me and made me curious about how intelligently we are designed to be in resonance with one another. My new understanding required me to take a different seat, so to speak. Rather than being the one with advice or answers, I listened, felt into my client’s language, and allowed myself to be present with their experiences. Things were happening, and I was simply creating a safe, open space for transformation to have a thread of chance.

And then it happened; I received training in meditation, yoga and specialized trauma release methods. This changed everything. I began integrating breath and body-based methods into my sessions with my clients. Now we weren’t just talking, we were really feeling. Long periods of silence were filled with awareness of how the whole being was finding ways of expressing the moment, rather than just words. I wasn’t just holding space now; I was witnessing the natural unwinding and emergence of a miraculous, intelligent, and intuitive organism.

We are innately designed to witness one another through loss, anger, joy, sadness, ecstasy, and every other expression on the continuum. Yes, we have amazing tools, and yes, creating safe space is of the utmost importance.  Now, well over a decade later, I have made a career of witnessing people, one after another, become more their true selves. And I want that for you, me and everyone else. 

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