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About Intrinsic Tantra

Intrinsic Tantra is a culmination of my experience and formal training in trauma therapies, tension release, sacred sexuality, holistic sexual wellness and Tantra. I have studied and assisted some of the worlds leading facilitators and have created something very powerful. 

This method integrates ancient tantric practices, body-informed movement, breath techniques, modern day sexology, meditation, and tension release for full-on intimacy with life itself. These practices foster authentic connection with self and others by expanding our capacity for experiencing and expressing our unique beingness.

This is so much more than what we think of when we hear the word, "sex" and "sexuality". This is a rediscovery of who we are in the context of an ecstatic universe.
Intrinsic Tantra teachs us to be in relationship with our dynamic evolution and to embody our true nature.

Exploring Intrinsic Tantra...

  • Experience freedom and reclaim your sexual vitality    
  • Unlock long held tension patterns and rediscover your aliveness
  • Tune into the innate longings of the body 
  • Learn techniques for experiencing more sensation and pleasure
  • Learn tantric lovemaking rituals, both for individuals and couples
  • Awaken the body’s innate ability to heal
  • Deepen intimacy with your partner(s)
  • Relax and reregulate the nervous system 
  • Reawaken the body’s deep instinctual intelligence
  • Release pain and foster freedom of movement and ease
  • Reconnect with your inner lover and reignite your passion

Additional Offerings:

  • Dating support and coaching for women and men
  • Women's wellness and cycle education 
  • Adult sex education
  • Sacred Sexuality and Tantra Groups
  • Educational and Embodiment Workshops 
  • Women's Groups
  • Men's Groups
  • Intimacy Through Bodywork Training
  • Love and Intimacy Training
  • Specialized Group Celebrations 

Private Sessions

Private sessions with individuals and couples are designed specifically to meet your unique needs and desires around intimacy, love, sex, and wellness. Each session is 1 hour and 15 minutes long and can be conducted in person or online. In-home sessions are available for an additional fee. Please inquire if you are interested in having me come to your home.

To learn more about public events, including workshops, trainings, and classes,  please visit the Upcoming Events page. For more information on organizing a specialized event for your unique group, please visit the Organizing An Event page.

Events and Specialized Group Experiences

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Foster authentic connection with self and others by expanding your capacity for experiencing and expressing your unique beingness. 
Neurogenic Yoga™ is a revolutionary technique in trauma healing, tension release, and stress reduction.

TRE® is being used by thousands of people around the world as an effective tool for releasing chronic traumatic stress, physical tension and emotional trauma. 
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