Session Tips

Decide which service is right for you and schedule your appointment.
If you are unsure which service to choose, please contact me for a free 15 minute consultation. During this time I will gather some basic information and help you to choose a service that is appropriate for you

Write down your goals.
Write down what you would like to get out of your session. This might include any symptoms that you want to address or questions you would like to have answered. It is not necessary to share personal details about your symptoms or goals unless you think it would be helpful. Writing down your goals is more about setting your intentions for the session rather than informing your practitioner of the details. Often times, issues that need to be addressed will quickly surface during the session; however, it is good for you to have some focus in order to set the intention.

Take a salt water bath.
It is highly recommended to take a salt water bath prior to any energy healing session. Salt extracts stagnant energy from the body and the water carries it away. Place one pound of regular table salt in warm or hot bath water. Choose a comfortable temperature. Soak for only 25 minutes; soaking longer could allow the body to begin reabsorbing what is has expelled. After soaking, be sure to shower to remove excess salt from the skin.

For distance healing sessions, put yourself in the most receptive state possible.
Find a space that is quiet and comfortable with as few distractions as possible. This could be just before going to sleep or during a relaxing part of the day. It is optimal to choose a quiet place with as few distractions as possible.

For distance healing sessions, you can help ready the mind and body before and during the session by taking a few deep breaths and silently repeating something like, “I deeply, completely, permanently let go of energy that no longer serves me,” or “I deeply, completely, and permanently accept healing energy.” Anytime you begin to feel distracted, come back into the moment by focusing on the breath and then repeat the phrase again. Feel free to rest or fall asleep even as the session is taking place.

Let things settle after your session.
Energetic clearing and healing will continue after the session is complete so it is good to take it easy afterward. Be sure to schedule a time to relax and reflect the day after your session. Avoid over stimulating or stressful situations the day after your session, i.e., don’t plan a session the day before a stressful business meeting or presentation. Also, avoid watching violent movies the day after a session as it can feel like an overload to the system. Remember that the energy body will be in transition for a short time after your session. Some people report feeling tired or more sensitive for about 24 hours after a session, so it is helpful to plan accordingly.

Drink lots of water!
Your energy body will continue to release old energy after your session, so it is beneficial to drink water in order to help flush the system.

Observe your experience.
If you have participated in an Intuitive Healing distance session, take some time prior to listening to the recording to write down anything that you experienced during or after the session (upon waking if you slept). Ask yourself, how did that feel? How am I feeling now? What am I noticing about my body? What am I noticing about my emotional state?

If you have participated in an Intuitive Healing distance session you will receive an audio recording following your session. Remember, much of the clearing and healing happened “real” time during the session. This means that by the time you listen to your recording stagnant energy has been cleared and healing has already occurred. The details that you hear on the recording are already history. Focus on any recommendations for the future that come through during the session.

Contact me after your session if needed.
A 15 minute closing consultation is included in the price of your session. Any additional consultations are subject to additional charge.