Jennica Mills, MSW, E-RYT, Neurogenic Yoga Trainer, Sexual Wellness Educator

Shakti_2016-2851Guided by the premise that we each contain the power to heal, to be inspired, and to experience connectedness, Jennica’s methodology is designed to tap into the body’s innate intelligence to release stress and tension patterns that are holding us back from experiencing our fullness.

She is well-known for her ability to create an easeful, non-judgmental and safe environment for deep and powerful work while providing innovative tools and methods for transformation. Her work is highly- experiential and fuses body-informed movement, yoga, breathing techniques, meditation, ancient tantric practices, and tension release methods for full-on intimacy with life.

She is the cofounder of Neurogenic Yoga™, a revolutionary trauma recovery method that unutilized yoga asana (postures) and pranayama (breath) to safely elicit the body’s natural release mechanism. And is the creator of Intrinsic Tantra, a method that integrates body driven movement and unique tension release methods to expand the capacity for experiencing and expressing our unique beingness.

Jennica holds a Masters in Social Work and is a certified Neurogenic Yoga Trainer, Trauma Releasing Exercises ® (TRE ®) Global Provider, Experienced Yoga Teacher, Sexual Wellness Coach, Adult Sex Educator, and Tantra teacher.

Jennica has studied with and assisted some of the world’s leaders in traumatology, energy work, sexual wellness, and Tantra, including TRE founder David Berceli, Pranic Healing Master Stephen Co, Artemis School creator Lara Catone, and Chandra Bindu Institute director Dawn Cartwright.

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